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Tips For New Moms

1. At the hospital, ask for a postpartum abdominal binder. They usually give them to you after a c-section, but will give you one after a normal delivery if you ask.

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2. At your 6 week postpartum appointment ask your doctor to to check for diastasis recti. Diastasis means separation and in this case, your outer most abdominal muscles are separated and behind held together by a thin connective tissue. You outer most abdominal muscles support your back and your internal organs. It can be repaired using the Diastasis Splint and the Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD and supplemental products.

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Diastasis Rehab Gift Pack

3. Don’t be afraid to take the recovery products that you use in the hospital home with you. The sitz bath, peri bottle, cold packs, disposable underwear, dibucaine ointment, tucks pads, etc…you WILL want them. Besides, they are going to charge you for it anyway!

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