The “Green” Breast Pump

I recently appeared as a guest on Savvy Mom TV. Immediately following the taping I spent a half hour talking to host Ingrid Prueher. Ingrid owns Savvy Mom On Call, a baby planning company that services the NYC and CT areas. In her industry, she is on top of the latest and greatest products available to moms and she shared with me the most amazing invention…a breast pump that you can give to others when you are done.

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Named after the greek goddess of health and wellness, Hygiea is a hospital grade breast pump that is “green”. Currently, all retail pumps are for single use, which means that they cannot be passed on to someone else. So the breast pump becomes electronic waste. Hygiea is FDA approved for multiple usage. When its time to pass it on to a family member or friend, all they need are their own accessories (Hygiea Personal Accessory Set ) and they are able to connect to the machine and use it for themselves. Its all perfectly sanitary and clean.

You can rent or purchase Hygiea, but the upfront cost is more economical, especially if you are planning on having multiple children. What I found most interesting about this pump is their Custom Audio Recording Experience (C.A.R.E.) which allows you to record your baby’s cry in order to assist with the let down phase. The pumping technology mimics that of a baby suckling and the parts are BPA- and DEHP-free. This is such a well thought out product that will undoubtedly change the lactation industry.

To search for a Hygiea dealer, click here.

pixel The Green Breast Pump
 The Green Breast Pump

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