How To Save Money on Brand Name Diapers & Wipes

I am a member of the Philadelphia Social Media Moms. We are a collective of moms who blog, tweet, Facebook, Whrrl, Foursquare…you name it, we do it. It is because of this group that I found some of the most savvy bloggers who had incredible tips on saving both time and money. Today I am going to share with you the penultimate favorite tip that I have received to date. It comes from MamaCheaps.

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Amazon Mom

Months ago MamaCheaps told her readers about Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom. (I looked for the specific link to share, but couldn’t find it). Anyway, its such and easy program to participate in. Here’s the deal: sign up for AMAZON MOM. Its a great program for parents and grandparents to get discounts on baby and toddler products that you use everyday. I primarily use it for the amazing discounts on diapers and wipes. I’m talking 30% off and free delivery. I wish I had learned about this program when I had TWO kids in diapers. But even though I only have one to go, I really appreciate the savings.

Normally, I would pay around $40 for a jumbo plus box of diapers. But by signing up for the Amazon Mom program I automatically got 15% off. I then scheduled deliveries and got another 15% off. Did I mention free 2-day shipping. I believe that is only for a limited-time, but I suggest that you follow MamaCheaps, so you know what sale is going on and when.

Do you want to know what my final bill for the diapers was? $28.62! And if scheduling shipments makes you uncomfortable, push them out to 3 months. You can move the shipment dates in or out as you see fit…or you can cancel out of Amazon Mom after one shipment. I happen to love the program because I am on the computer daily. Amazon will send an email when they are about to ship, so if you are not ready for the shipment you can push the date out. For me, when I see we are running low at home, I just release a shipment of diapers and/or wipes and they are delivered to my door within a few days. I am so greatful to MamaCheaps for posting this. It really has made my life easier, so I hope it does the same for you.

What money/time saving tips do you use?

pixel How To Save Money on Brand Name Diapers & Wipes
 How To Save Money on Brand Name Diapers & Wipes

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