Product Launch – SexCies Lingerie for C-Section and Post-Abdominal Surgery Women

After my emergency c-section I wasn’t very comfortable with my postpartum stomach. While my husband loves me and and my body he had zero issues with the way that I looked. It was I who had the problem. I was uncomfortable with the way that I looked with the extra belly skin. Even with diet and exercise I realized that it was something that could only be solved with surgery, but with two kids in daycare it was not affordable. Then one day I was reading about SexCies Lingerie, a garment designed specifically for women who have had abdominal surgery and suffered from the exact issues that I was suffering from. Needless to say I fell in love. I knew it was the perfect product for as postpartum c-section women require a little more support than traditional lingerie offers. I wanted to give everyone more insight on this product, so I was lucky enough to catch up with Suzy Mac, the creator of SexCies, to ask her some questions about the product.

10 Questions With SexCies Lingerie Founder Suzy Mac

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1. How did you come up with the concept of SexCies?

After my C-section and discovering there was a permanent “flap”, I was dismayed to realize there weren’t any lingerie options to specifically address that area that one could wear while being intimate. I found myself becoming more and more self-conscious about my body, and began avoiding sex with my husband. At the same time I had a friend who was a Cancer-survivor who was experiencing the same thing with her partner, and described her abdomen looking like it had a “road map” on it. I realized that I had to do something about this; I had to help other women in the same situation who are having their intimate life hampered by poor body image.

2. Had you tried other products?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because I was trying products that I thought may solve the problem, and no, because I found there weren’t any products that existed, which is why I created mine. I googled “C-section lingerie” and found the C-panty and Czela Bellies, which are great (I own a pair of both), but they are for a completely different purpose (comfort after a C-section) ; they can’t be worn while being intimate. Then I broke out my old lingerie (the stuff that led me to getting pregnant in the first place lol) and found when I put on a traditional corset from the largest chain lingerie store (I will call them “f.V.S.w”: for Very Slim women), and discovered that all of them actually accentuated my new “pooch”, and made the flab over my scar more prominent by pushing it down! I also had the brilliant idea of trying “babydoll” lingerie, thinking it would help emphasize my bust while hiding my tummy, but found that a) most were see-through, which didn’t hide my tummy at all, and the ones that weren’t see through either flew up or “got in the way”, if you know what I mean. ;/

8673 200x300 Product Launch   SexCies Lingerie for C Section and Post Abdominal Surgery Women

3. Where does SexCies “win” where other products “fail”?

I will give you an example that I posted on my website
The problem with regular shapewear (regardless the trend now to make it more sexy by adding lace and making it black) is that it has to come off before intimate times, thus having to reveal that which you took such great pains to hide.
The problem with lingerie, although aesthetically pleasing, is that it typically is made for women who are not struggling with body-issues, and can actually accentuate problems such as puckering after surgery.
Therefore, SexCies solves the problem that both lack and at the same time utilize the “best of both worlds”: it effectively flattens and hides the “flap” and everything we dislike about the way our tummies look, while still maintaining the appearance of sexy lingerie! The best thing is that we can finally take our minds off how flabby or unattractive we think we look while being intimate and focus on more important things, like actually enjoying sex and (gasp) having an orgasm!

SexCies back view 200x300 Product Launch   SexCies Lingerie for C Section and Post Abdominal Surgery Women

4. You experienced some controversy when you launched this product. Care to discuss?

I addressed the article and my answer to it at under the heading, “The Controversy over SexCies”.

5. How was your product launch?

It was interesting! Lol In our haste we unfortunately didn’t give those who signed up on our VIP list enough time before we announced the sale/launch, so we received some pointed emails. We learned from it, apologized, and offered an even better sale and incentives, so we were forgiven quickly, lol. We had had a “soft” launch in September 2010 to announce our impending arrival, but that was 6 months before we had product, so we had many people admittedly frustrated that SexCies wasn’t available immediately.

6. While most clothing companies are having their clothing made overseas, you chose to have SexCies manufactured in the USA, why?

This turned out to be a tough one for me. I always intended to produce in the U.S, until I received the estimates for the CMT cost (“Cut, Make, and Trim”), which was about 500% more than it would be in China. When I realized how expensive it was, and then on top of that add the top-quality, expensive material we chose, I took pause. However, I truly wanted to provide a top-quality product despite taking a serious hit on my profit-margin. As it stands, considering how much it costs to make a CorCelette, according to the standard manufacturing formula I should be charging $200, however, I just couldn’t do that to my customers, especially new Moms.

7. Photos may not show this, but you have a plush liner on the inside-front. What is the purpose of this?

I am so glad you asked this! I noticed after my first C-section that any panties other than “granny” ones, chaffed against and irritated my scar. Actually, I found that I couldn’t wear some of my favorite jeans as even the belt buckle through the denim would rub against my scar and really put me through the roof (all of my c-section sisters can attest to this fact…it is a very uncomfortable sensation).
In order to combat this, I went to a local fabric store and purchased some faux fur and stuffed the front of my panties with them. I tried several kinds, then finally came up with one that helped ease the friction of my clothing. The idea to line my SexCies product was a natural extension of that process. During product development I went through 25-30 different types of fabric to find the perfect one that would be soothing to the scar (or to the non-scarred abdomen) without getting hot during “activity”. It really helps ease the friction against the skin, which is common with regular corsets/corcelettes. I am very proud of my choice.

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8. Speaking of photos, I noticed that you modeled for several product photos. You are a brave woman. How did you get the courage to do this?

Wine and prayer. Lol
Seriously, I had wanted someone else to model for me, and went so far as to put out ad in Craigslist! The sad fact of the matter is the minute the potential respondents learned that they may be required to bare their tummy in a “before and after” shot, they pulled out, regardless of the amount of money on the table. I even contacted my own agency to see if there were any professional models willing to do this, and the response was, “None of the women are interested” (and these are gals who are paid not to have inhibitions in front of the camera). NO ONE wanted to publicly bare their “flap”, even when I promised anonymity! This just reaffirmed that so many of us women (even gorgeous, self-confident professional models) have a serious issue when it comes to so called “imperfect” tummies.

SexCies Before and After picture 300x224 Product Launch   SexCies Lingerie for C Section and Post Abdominal Surgery Women

Suzy Modeled for these Before and After Pictures!

9. In the short time that you have been in business I am sure that you have heard some amazing testimonials from customers. What was your favorite?

I must say there is a tie for two of my favorites; the first one said I could use her first name and last initial, the second, when asked, chose to remain anonymous (I should also add that I did ask them their opinion in my follow up, but they were never given any monetary incentive, including future discounts, for their response…I have not edited either of them):

I wanted this so bad at first, and then I saw what it costs. I am a mother of four and don’t have a lot of money, but I convinced my husband to put up $100 bucks for a “treat’ for him. I was so excited and kept on checking my mail to see if it came. I should tell you that I have had a big belly that I hated even before I had kids so I wanted this real bad to help my self-esteeme, I had problems with sex and my husbands flirting,and I really wanted bad to impress him.
Well, it came and I loved it! I tried it on and felt more sexy then I ever felt! My husband got shocked because I grabbed him in it and jumped his bones! He tells me now to go “put on your Porn Star outfit”. AND he loves that now I don’t turn him off by complaining how I look, now he says I rock his world!
-Lexi H.

I had surgery over a year ago for (edited due to request). My friend (who had children, and saw your product on *edited* forum) and had told me about it, so I thought it a good idea to invest in something that made me feel good about myself again. Although I feel good about myself in every other regard, I had a problem with showing my new boyfriend *all*of me, although he knew what I had been through and told me he didn’t care about what I was so desperately trying to hide.
What I love about your Sexcies invention is that it took away that “ugh, is he looking at my scars and fat” feeling, despite knowing that he probably wasn’t. I needed to just let go and focus on feeling sexy, rather than thinking about how my stomach looked in certain positions.
I really enjoy your product (and you weren’t kidding, it is comfortable)and thank you so much for making a product for women with (edited). I feel so much better about myself now, and even thought this is a product that it may be a shame that I “need” in a way, this is a definitely a product I will use now and in the future every time that I am intimate.
-Anonymous per request of the author

10. What is next for SexCies?

While developing the CorCelette, I was developing two other styles at the same time; one is a little more daring, while the other is a new twist on an old favorite (how is that for being a tease?). I plan to release the other styles in the SexCies line this summer!

As for my business, Who’s Your Mommy, llc, I am planning to branch out into Autism advocacy (my daughter is on the Spectrum) and a really neat environmental project for Moms…I will keep you posted!


Did you have a c-section? What are your thoughts on SexCies Lingerie?

pixel Product Launch   SexCies Lingerie for C Section and Post Abdominal Surgery Women
 Product Launch   SexCies Lingerie for C Section and Post Abdominal Surgery Women

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