5 Quick Things – New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination

I had 5 quick things that I wanted to share. Instead of overburdening the Facebook and Twitter streams, I decided to blog about it.

1. So we started selling C-Section Healing Salve from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I was wondering why it wasn’t selling…well I a person who shall remain nameless forgot to post it, so there you go. This 100% natural product will work on old scars, new scars, burns, rashes and STRETCH MARKS! So if you are nursing and want something that won’t affect your supply, or if you just like all natural products, its a great choice.

2. I have two boys, so I miss out on all of the cute girly things that I love, but I will share, once again, Zuzii. They are giving a special discount code to my friends, so if you want to order something insanely adorable for your little girl, I’ll be jealous, but it’s ok. Check out the Poppy Petal Shoe, then come back and tell me how much you loved it.

zuzii 298x300 5 Quick Things   New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination3. My boys are in “school”, which is an expensive alternative to “daycare”, but it’s really daycare with computers. As with most schools, everything must be labeled. My FAVORITE labels for life are Kiddo Tags. Why? Ok, so I met the owner in LA when I was participating in the Boom Boom Room. She is a work from home mom in Georgia with a small business, but TONS of talent. She doesn’t have the same dry little labels as the other brands, Kiddo Tags POP with color. They even make golf club tags (because its so easy to leave a club on the green). With summer camp kicking off and school clothes already being put out (yea, I know you just took off the pool cover) you know you are going to have to buy them anyway, so why not from Kiddo Tags? Besides, I don’t know about you, but my Sharpie markings come off after a while…



4. I live in the Philadelphia area. I did a segment on being a mommy blogger, which I kinda am, even though I mainly blog in support of my business. Anyway, that segment turned into a monthly gig with NBC Philadelphia, which I am very proud of. Is it a direct companion to my store, no, but its a huge opportunity to expand my network and I am really loving all of the things that I have learned. I know that there was some confusion as to why I had different types of products on TV outside of mom and baby. Sometimes the road to your destination takes you the long way. The route that I am on is such a fun one and I don’t mind AT ALL! The store and blog opened this opportunity up for me and its only natural to share the great news as it happens.

5. People always ask me how I keep up with everything that I have going on in my life. I tried to keep everything in my phone, but it just wasn’t me. I’m old school. I need to see my month written out in front of me. What I use on a DAILY basis is MyAgenda.

myagenda group xlg 300x214 5 Quick Things   New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination

The cost is $36, which is pricy for some, but here is why it’s worth it. This book is not a one year book, rather its a year and a half. You can plan by the month or break it down by the week. With two kids in sports and soon, different schools, plus my business, etc, I need to break out my schedule accordingly. This book helps me do that:

desk org howto xlg 300x214 5 Quick Things   New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination

Its a great planner for extremely busy people. If you are interested in buying one, there are two discount codes that you can use:MOM10OFF65 for 10% off all orders over $65 and MOM10OFF75 for $10 off all orders over $75. They make great gifts and can be personalized for $5.


If you aren’t in the Philadelphia area and missed the segments, I am giving away two prizes on this blog. The first is a digital frame from Ceiva. The second is a Nook Color, which is a great product for new parents who like to read to their kids.


pixel 5 Quick Things   New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination
 5 Quick Things   New Product, Things I Like, and an Explaination

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