Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

During my 25th week of pregnancy, I took a glucose tolerance test…and failed. I was told to go back to the testing center for a 3 hour test, where you drink a thick, syrupy, sweet, orange drink and the lab tests draws your blood every hour over the course of 3 hours. I failed that test as well. It was then I was told that I had gestational diabetes.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

According to the American Diabetes Association, “pregnant women who have never had diabetes before but who have high blood sugar (glucose) levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes”. It occurs in approximately 10% of pregnancy cases. This video gives you a better picture of what is going on in one’s body.

So what did I do? I was placed on a strict diet and had to measure my blood sugar 4 times per day. In addition, I had to test my keytones, an additional test for sugar. The keytone test isn’t mandatory in all cases. During my second pregnancy, while I did develop gestational diabetes, I was told to only test my blood sugar. Some women require medication or insulin to manage their GD. My biggest concern was the health of my children. After both were born (healthy and at a normal weight), I made sure to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle so not to develop diabetes later in life.

Gestational Diabetes is a common occurrence in pregnancy. If you have concerns about your lifestyle, your doctor should be able to direct you to classes that will help you in selecting the proper foods to maintain a healthy body for both you and your baby.

pixel Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy
 Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

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