How I Won A Trip Playing McDonald’s Monopoly

beaches How I Won A Trip Playing McDonalds Monopoly

There are days where I barely make it out of the door to take my youngest to daycare. Some mornings there are tantrums. Other mornings he decides that he needs to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes while I wait in the living room with my coat on. But on hectic mornings, after dropping him off, I find myself heading to McDonald’s for a hot tea and Egg McMuffin, just so that I can have some semblance of nourishment. One particular morning, I noticed that McDonald’s Monopoly had started. Now I have been playing this game for YEARS! Not aggressively, more so just checking the pieces to see if/what I won. Over the years I have won nothing. This time was no different.

One morning, I noticed, “” on the side of the bag. I went online and plugged in the six game pieces sitting on my desk. Each game piece gave me a chance to play online, which was a virtual “spin”. I didn’t win anything, just the “chance” to win some of the grand prizes. Yea right, I thought to myself. But then again, you can’t win if you don’t play. So I googled “McDonald’s Monopoly” and a few bloggers had posted codes that allowed one to have additional entries towards the grand prizes (no spin). So I entered the codes, didn’t win anything.

The next morning, I realized that I had game pieces in my cup holder in the car. So I went outside and plugged them in. The first piece gave me a spin, which ultimately came up as “Winner of Beaches Vacation”. I thought it was a joke. Minutes later I received an email that confirmed everything. I won a family vacation, with airfare included, to Beaches in either Jamaica or Turks & Caicos. Transfers and food was included as well. The prize is valued at $7,500.

So now I have to fill out the paperwork, get it notarized, and sent it in so they can do a background check to make sure that I am not some crazy person that will embarrass them in a commercial or whatever eligible. THEN, I will be able to book my family vacation. I’ll keep you updated.

Besides a free hash brown, did you ever win anything cool?

pixel How I Won A Trip Playing McDonalds Monopoly
 How I Won A Trip Playing McDonalds Monopoly

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