Grab These Toys Before People Find Out About Them!

When you happen to blog for your store, you meet a lot of amazing people who blog as well. These amazing people sometimes have events. This weekend I happened to attend one of those events. Classy Mommy and Whitney from Mommies With Style hosted the Social Media Mom Mixer Holiday Showcase at XIX (pronounce “nineteen”) at the Hyatt in downtown Philadelphia. Have you ever been to this place? Gorge!

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Ceiling at XIX

There were three four (added bonus) stand-out toys that I am loving as Christmas gifts for this year:

1. Hasbro Transformers Rescue Bots

These particular Transformers are for children ages 3 and up. Not as complicated as the original Transformers. I like this toy because it allows children to build their motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. Its also great because it allows children to use their imaginations and build stories around helping people, as the toys are rescue vehicles.

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2. Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll

Because I have boys, I never really pay attention to dolls. But when I saw that Just Play had an African American doctor doll on display, I knew that this was going to be a hit. Parents love for their children to play with diverse toys. This particular doll is a child who’s mother is a doctor, so she pretends to be a doctor and heals all of her little friends. So cute and so unique. It is already hard to find Doc McStuffins dolls and it is considered one of this season’s hottest toys. All of the Toys R Us’ in my area are sold out and Amazon has people selling it for upwards of $70…and we are still 7 weeks away from Christmas.

pTRU1 13131799enh z6 Grab These Toys Before People Find Out About Them!3. K’NEX Corkscrew Coaster

This battery operated coaster is a fully functional track and car that is propelled around the track. I have been reading polarized reviews on this toy, but I have to tell you, when its up and running, it is really amazing. I suggest buying this gift for a child that is very mechanically inclined. Or it can easily be a parent-child project. Just be aware that they give you exactly the amount of pieces that you need, so be sure to inventory and build with care. But once fully constructed, you will not be disappointed.

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4. Little Passports

My 4-year old is obsessed with geography. While I do plan on buying him a globe for Christmas, I have fallen in love with Little Passports. Its a monthly subscription plan where my little one will receive information about Sam and Sophia’s world travels. Each month, a package will arrive in the mail describing Sam and Sophia’s newest adventures in the country that they are currently visiting. My son learns about different countries and cultures and gets excited about learning. At $11/month (cancel at any time) its a steal!

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What toys are you loving this season?

*Disclosure – These toys were on display at the Social Media Mom Mixer, which I attended. There were many toys on display, yet these were my favorite. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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Owner Karla Trotman with Heatwave the Rescue Bot

pixel Grab These Toys Before People Find Out About Them!
 Grab These Toys Before People Find Out About Them!

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