Last month I went to Boston for a getaway. Sometimes you need to just take a time out from parenthood and do that. When I mentioned my trip to friends they all asked, “Boston?!?!? Why there?”. Here is why…

10 Reasons to Visit Boston

10. It’s clean – I have traveled to many cities and countries and Boston is one of the cleanest that I have been to.

9. The Revere Hotel – This place was an old Radisson and boy would you never know it. If you like champagne upon check in, amazingly comfortable beds, balconies that you can actually step foot on, awesome concierge, perfect location, and amazing bathroom personal care products. Stay at The Revere.

revere hotel boston common Boston

8. Boston Upper Deck Trolley Tours – Perhaps it was the fact that they stopped right in front of the hotel that made me choose them. Maybe it was the fact that they hit all of the Boston hot spots for history nerds such as myself. Definitely it was the knowledge and charm of the drivers that caused me to fall in love with this city that I knew so little about.

7. Even the bums are nice – A lovely man pushing a shopping cart with trash bags dangling on the sides said, “hello ladies” to me and didn’t even ask for money. While I should have been concerned with the fact that he saw multiple versions of me, it was a welcome change from Philadelphia.

6. Cute streets – The first settlers were very haphazard in the way that they laid the city out. There is no rhyme or reason to how it was all set up, but it is so quaint and cute. I fell in love.

beacon hill Boston

5. History – Each area of town has a history in and of itself. From Beacon Hill to the man made acreage created around the city, from the battles fought to the First Fathers declaring America as we know it today. Boston’s history is rich and amazing.

4. Skoah – I am not a fan of hotel skincare products. I am very cautious when it comes to that type of thing, but I happen to fall in love with Skoah at The Revere Hotel. The smell is amazing and the actual efficacy of the product is unreal. My hair is amazing and I can’t stop shaking it. I KNEW I should have bought some while I was there. Grrrrr

hair   mane squeeze shampu400px Boston

3. Food – The New England (or “Boston” as I kept seeing) Clam Chowder was the best that I have ever had in life. I could have survived all weekend on “chawda” and oyster crackers.

2. The Views – This city is just…just pretty. Everywhere I looked was picturesque. The bridges, the cold December water, the skyline, the gas lanterns that lined the streets…all were beautiful.

Boston skyline 1024x682 Boston

1. The South Street Diner – I am not a fan of fru fru breakfasts, $22 for eggs and bacon turn me off. So when I asked a local where to go for a great, cheap breakfast, I basically skipped the 10 blocks down the road to The South Street Diner. Not only do they have an old fashioned coin operated horse ride outside, but there is an actual photo booth inside of the infinitesimally small space, which makes it even more cozy. But the absolute best part of this place was the $5 mimosas and the fried banana bread. Insanely good!

Have you ever been to Boston? What did you like about it?

pixel Boston

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