10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

BellyButtonBoutique.com prides itself on identifying the newest and best products available to new and expectant moms. We are proud to introduce to you Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Products, now available at our store. Bionée is produced in the south of France by natural product industry leader, Ewa Asmar.

Ewa Asmar 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

I recently chatted with Ewa about her company and its products. Ewa is a natural product industry leader as she has worked with top cosmetic and personal care product companies around the world. She was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions JUST for BellyButtonBoutique.com

Logo bionee 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

1. What makes you a natural product industry leader ?

Being an industry expert in the field of natural cosmetics makes the Bionée Organic Certified Maternity line stand out in the market. For over 10 years I have been now developing and marketing cosmetic products for big corporations such as L’Oréal, The Body Shop in the UK and Yves Rocher in France.

I have worked internationally and was able to learn about all the wonderful ingredients around the world that today infuse the line. I am very proud about my creations as they are a reflection of all the knowledge and passion I developed as a skincare executive during all this years.


2. What differentiates Bionée from other products that are currently on the market?

Bionée products are very different from all products dedicated to pregnancy and baby [currently available]. First, 100% of the products are Ecocert Organic Certified. Ecocert is the leading international institution in charge of giving the customers a guarantee of the quality of natural and organic personal care products. All Bionée products went through an extremely rigorous examination process before [being] awarded the certificate. In addition, we tested every single ingredient and its penetration into the skin in order to make sure we could claim the products to be safe for pregnancy, motherhood and newborns. And yes, Bionée ’s products are suitable for even newborns and sensitive skin respecting ph level.

PRODUCT GROUP 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

3. What kind of results have you seen in the Bionée products when used on women?

We had very strong customer feedback on our products. Scientifically, there are two products that stand out in the line, the Stretch Mark Lotion and the Silhouette Lotion. Both of the products carry a patented association of ingredients. It is the same patent used in French pharmaceutical products that are known for strengthening the skin’s structure and show superior results.


4. Each product contains Organic Fair Trade Honey. Why is that?

Natural Honey has been used by mankind since the past 2,500 years, all over the world. The numerous health benefits of honey have made it an important aspect of traditional medicines such as Ayurveda. Honey is known to speed up the healing process by stimulating wound tissues. When applied directly to affected areas it is known to moisturize, soothe, inhibit infection and promote swift healing.

Most importantly, Fair Trade is very dear to my company and myself. I choose to support cooperatives in Argentina providing them with an income they need to build homes and schools. It was at The Body Shop where I was able to experience what a difference Fair Trade makes to the families and children around the world.


5. What is Bionée ‘s most popular product?

I was very surprised to notice that our Revitalizing Face Cream is very appealing to the customers. A lot of women are becoming more and more educated in terms of safety of the products. They realize that most anti-aging creams contain ingredients prohibited during pregnancy such are Retinol. Revitalizing Cream offers a natural alternative to anti-aging. I call it a “sleep enriched” cream infused with powerful ingredients that help stimulate the skin to reverse the appearance of aging. It is a truly refreshing natural complex, which reduces signs of fatigue. No shine, no oil, only pure freshness! 99.89% natural; 83.26% organic.

Pregnancy Revitalizing Face Cream 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

6. Most postpartum skincare products focus on the body, but I noticed that you developed a shampoo. Tell me about the Renewing Shampoo.

There are a couple of products in my line that you would not find anywhere else. The shampoo is one of them. I developed this formula based on my own experience being pregnant three times as well as on all the feedback I gathered from other moms. Many women complain about weak hair or hair loss post or during pregnancy. The plant-based shampoo is enriched with a revitalizing elixir rich in proteins that helps support post-pregnancy weak hair structure. This product contains natural conditioning ingredients for healthy looking hair ideal for lifeless and pregnancy related weak hair. Full lather for easy combed hair!

Motherhood Renewing Shampoo 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

7. What is your favorite product out of the entire line?

The Nipple Healing Remedy!


8. What is the concept behind the Nipple Remedy, No Rinse?

Nipple Remedy is my favorite product. Lip gloss tube is what girls know best, right? This one is for our sore nipples. The formula is inspired by healing techniques from China, thanks to the “wonder ingredient” called: Organic Sea Buckthorn. Please watch the video on my site to learn about its usage by ancient monks. What I love about the product, is that it is more hygienic than other products on the market that come in jars. You don’t need to stick your finger in it!

But the best about it is that the formula is edible and FREE from Lanolin! I was shocked to discover that the leading nipple products are made with Lanolin, a sheepskin derived fat that is known to be one of the strongest allergens!

Lanolin and Fragrance FREE, edible ingredients with vanilla aroma! Your baby will love it!

Motherhood Nipple Remedy 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

9. What other products are on the horizon for Bionée ?

This is a secret but all I can say is that there will be some very unique products for the pregnant mommy such a special massaging oil and more beautiful and edible formulations for the baby.


10. Is there anything else about Bionée that you feel is important for mothers to know?

Bionée is not only a brand but an exclusive mom entrepreneur group that advocates for green living and healthy skin care products. You can become a “Bionée Advocate” and join us for a cause, your cause!

Every mom needs to decide between her career and family. If you become a “Bionée Advocate” you can have it all! If you are already having play dates, meeting other mothers or maybe you are involved in your kids’ school or doing anything like this, then you are naturally spending time that will help build your business. Interested? Visit http://www.Bionée .com/advocate/ for more details!

If you would like a chance to win a Bionée product, be sure to sign up for our Twitter Party!

pixel 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar
 10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar

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