New Mom Products for Mom – The Baby Doesn’t Need To Get Everything

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending a Social Media Mom Mixer in Philadelphia. As I have said, I do not consider myself to be a blogger, but I loves me some social media, mmm mmm mmm. There were various brands in attendance and I just wanted to highlight the newest, latest, greatest mommy trends and things going on. Heck, I know what it feels like to have a new baby and have no idea what to wear. Here you go:

1. Lee Jeans

Talk about coming back with a vengeance. No more “mom jean” jokes from me. When I was offered a free pair of jeans, I wasn’t expecting much. Add to the fact that I had to physically try them on…eh. Let’s just say images of me trying to wriggle and pull difficult fabric over my legs didn’t excite me. Then I saw the jeans. First off, some of the colors and washes are just gorge. Secondly, trying them on didn’t make me break into a sweat. The fabric was so yummy soft that I was able to try on 3 pair in like 5 minutes, no joke. I wound up grabbing a pair of dark denim capris that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Here is a little coupon code to help you save some cash: From now until May 13th you can enjoy and EXTRA 10% off the current discount AND you get FREE SHIPPING if you use the code: MIXER10*


Lee Jeans New Mom Products for Mom   The Baby Doesnt Need To Get Everything

2. Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt

So you might not be ready for jeans, you just want to take it slow, eat healthy and get ready for summer. NO problemo, I got you! This NEW yoghurt (yes, spelled with a “hurt” because you will hurt yourself trying to lick the bottom of the container) is AMAZING. I’m not going to tell you which one is my absolute FAVE (see arrows below), but I will say that it tastes like dessert. Like I would take a piece of pound cake and dollop of Koru INSTEAD of ice cream. I’m serious. Get thee to a store and get some TODAY!

koru New Mom Products for Mom   The Baby Doesnt Need To Get Everything

3. Lands End

Can we talk about how I hate bathing suits? Like really. Its such pressure to look good while sweating to death and making sure that my kids don’t drown. Luckily Lands End has you covered and boy do they know their audience. They have swimsuit “SOLUTIONS”. Yes, if you want to minimize, maximize, enhance, suck in, whatever, they have a suit for you. Their swimwear goes from glam to athletic. But two of the reasons why I love Lands End is because: 1. they have swimwear for women who have had mastectomies and 2. they have high rise swim bottoms to shape the midsection. How can you not love a company like that?

425080 AF12 FB U19 New Mom Products for Mom   The Baby Doesnt Need To Get Everything

So mamacitas, there you have it. The top three things that knocked my socks off during the Social Media Mom Mixer. A special thank you to Classy Mommy Colleen and Whitney from Mommies With Style for a great event. I always look forward to finding new products/brands to share with my readers.

Which products did you love? Let me know in the comment section below.

pixel New Mom Products for Mom   The Baby Doesnt Need To Get Everything
 New Mom Products for Mom   The Baby Doesnt Need To Get Everything

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