portable bunk beds

by karlatrotman

November 04 2015, 0 Comments

Tweet Another product that was highlighted at the ABC Kids Tradeshow that I think is incredible is Kid-O-Bunk. Kid-O-Bunk My kids seem to have sleepovers every week.  The tornado of linen and pillows and stuffed animals that they take to bed seems to explode out of the room.  In fact, I find the cleanup of the sleepovers far worse than having the
Funny Valentine's Day Card

by karlatrotman

February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Tweet Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and I found some of the BEST gifts on Etsy. The Catchall™ Valet My husband left for work and forgot his wallet the other day.  This These cards from Creatively Content gives new meaning to “ Perhaps he can drink his green juice out of it, or something.  By RoxberryLime2 Cost: $17

by karlatrotman

October 28 2014, 0 Comments

Tweet Last week I wrote about the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference.  Specifically, I wrote about 5 of the 10 points that Kate White shared with a crowd of about 100 women.  I was studiously took notes, as anyone who worships “Her Fashion Lordship”.  You have already heard the first five of 10 New Rules of Style in the Workplace,
December 03 2013, 1 Comments

Giving Tuesday kicks off the Season of Giving.  Here are BellyButtonBoutique.com we are committed to taking part by partnering with Shades of Social Media with our 2nd Annual #ShadesCares Campaign. Inter-faith Housing Alliance provides transitional housing for homeless families in the Philadelphia area.  We have created a virtual toy and home product drive to help these families have a wonderful Christmas.  I dropped off our donation of toys last week and met with the program director. [...]
Our Rough Rendition of Diastasis Recti
Great Information on Diastasis Recti
November 12 2013, 0 Comments

Our Rough Rendition of Diastasis Recti Women are thirsty for knowledge when it comes to their postpartum bodies and diastasis recti.  Here are the best ones that we have seen most recently: 1.  Women try body wraps after pregnancy to get that Jessica Alba look This article talks about two of the products that we happen to sell in our store, the Hip Slimmer and Diastasis Rehab (Tupler Technique) 2. Ab Rehab This Fit Pregnancy article has quotes from Julie Tupler, the inven [...]
tupler technique® perfect pushing® dvd
Diastasis Rehab® and Pregnancy
October 02 2013, 0 Comments

I receive questions all of the time regarding Diastasis Rehab® products and pregnancy.  Here is a recent question: Customer:  What product/video would you recommend for an expectant mother (currently 11 weeks pregnant) who has diastasis recti? Karla Trotman:  I would suggest "Perfect Pushing".  It will show you how to not exacerbate the separation during the laboring and delivery process.  It will also prime your body for the marathon of pushing. You can wear a splint during [...]
BB Newsletter Header
Our NEW Newsletter Header
October 01 2013, 0 Comments

We are in LOVE with our new newsletter header designed by Linda from Frugal Philly Mom She is so amazingly talented and we are forever grateful for her lending her time to this impromptu project.  If you have a chance, head over to her site and check out all of the deals she is promoting. You can also tweet her by clicking below: "Hey @FrugalPhillyMom, you did an AWESOME job on @BButtonBoutique's newsletter header.  You've got SKILLZ!" She will get a kick out that. [...]
Audrey is second from the right and just had a baby weeks ago.  She looks awesome, right?
My Kids Start School Tomorrow and I'm Not Ready
September 02 2013, 0 Comments

Three weeks ago I was invited to an amazing event hosted by Audrey McClelland and Proctor and Gamble. It was a Back to School Event where we were treated to manis and pedis and shown some great stuff that Proctor and Gamble have for getting the kids ready for back to school. And I have to admit, I am not ready, but I wanted to pass this checklist on to you because it is so so good: Prepare Your Home - Clean out closets, cupboards, everything. This includes cleaning out old med [...]
Clearance Sale
Discounted Diastasis Rehab Splints and Hipslimmers - UPDATE
August 20 2013, 0 Comments

UPDATE - WE STILL HAVE A FEW DISCOUNTED DIASTASIS SPLINTS AVAILABLE!! We have some random stock of returns that were sent after a new revision of the product was sent. Some were just not up to par for repackaging, but all are perfectly reliable when it comes to fit, form, and function. 1. Large Diastasis Splint with Elastic Back Pad (not Neoprene) - $32 2. Large Diastasis Splint with Velcro Back Pad (not Neoprene) - $35 3. Medium Diastasis Splint with Velcro Back Pad (not Neoprene) [...]
iCalendar is Dead To Me
August 02 2013, 0 Comments

I don't get iCalendar at all. While I understand the concept of having everything entered into your phone or the cloud or whatever, I need to see things on paper. I want my notes and appointments and kid's commitments down in front of me. And I have TRIIIIIEEEDD to be digital. But it's just not me. I'm a planner. BUSY MOM TIP: Spend 10 minutes each day planning our your day and have a goal task that you MUST complete. So now that it's August and I am planning for September I decide [...]
Birthing Gown Photo
Birthing Gown - Actual Photo
July 30 2013, 0 Comments

Mommie Monét welcomed baby Hanna into the world this week in a blush colored Birthing Gown. Doesn't she look gorgeous? We love it when our "mommies" send us pictures of themselves loving our products. *Photo credit - We thank Monét's friend Andrea for posting. What a great friend!
Lego Carrying Organization
Lego Organization
June 14 2013, 0 Comments

I hate LEGOS. The big toddler LEGOS, they are just OK. But those small, ubiquitous, pieces of plastic...yes, I hate those. They suck. They can kiss my...well, they are annoying. And now that my boys are 7 and 5 years of age, they have become OBSESSED with LEGOS. Specifically, LEGO Ninjago. Every day I wind up stepping on little plastic swords or random pieces that fell off of one of the structures that I we spent hours building. Even with the threat of using a shop vac to suck them up [...]
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