Audrey is second from the right and just had a baby weeks ago.  She looks awesome, right?

by karlatrotman

September 02 2013, 0 Comments

Tweet Three weeks ago I was invited to an amazing event hosted by Audrey McClelland and Proctor and Gamble. It was a Back to School Event where we were treated to manis and pedis and shown some great stuff that Proctor and Gamble have for getting the kids ready for back to school. And I have to admit, I am not ready, but I wanted to pass this che
Lego Carrying Organization

by karlatrotman

June 14 2013, 0 Comments

Tweet I hate LEGOS. The big toddler LEGOS, they are just OK. But those small, ubiquitous, pieces of plastic…yes, I hate those. They suck. They can kiss my…well, they are annoying. And now that my boys are 7 and 5 years of age, they have become OBSESSED with LEGOS. Specifically, LEGO Ninjago. Every day I wind up stepping on little
Disney Baby Swag

by karlatrotman

May 20 2013, 0 Comments

Tweet So my husband has been eyeballing all of the products that I received from the Disney Baby event, hoping that its not a hint. His wish is that I get it out of the house as soon as possible. In order to make that happen, I need YOU to tell me about a mom-to-be who would love to have it. Or one that you are supposed to buy a gift for, but do
Ewa Asmar
10 Questions with Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Founder, Ewa Asmar
February 13 2013, 2 Comments prides itself on identifying the newest and best products available to new and expectant moms. We are proud to introduce to you Bionée Organic Certified Maternity Products, now available at our store. Bionée is produced in the south of France by natural product industry leader, Ewa Asmar. I recently chatted with Ewa about her company and its products. Ewa is a natural product industry leader as she has worked with top cosmetic and personal care product compa [...]
Sitting The Month - Postpartum Care
February 07 2013, 6 Comments

Recently I learned about an amazing postpartum tradition among the Asian community called, "Sitting the Month". Its a 30-day process in which the new mother allows her body to rest and heal. As the mother is "sitting" she is to avoid cold at all cost as it is believed to slow the shrinking process of the uterus. If the mother needs to, say open the refrigerator, it must be done with oven mitts so not to introduce coldness into her body. The goal is to restore the delicate yin and yang [...]
Pregnancy and Postpartum Comfort Twitter Party
January 22 2013, 4 Comments

Pregnant and Uncomfortable? Just Had a Baby and STILL Feeling Discomfort? Have Tons of Questions? Join us Wednesday, March 20th from 8-9PM EST for a Pregnancy and Postpartum Comfort Twitter Party The party will: Answer questions about pregnancy and postpartum comfort; Give you ideas on how to become comfortable and healthy throughout your pregnancy Allow you the opportunity to win some great prizes from the comfort of home; Provide you with the opportunity to meet fellow mo [...]
How To Claim Your Free Breast Pump
January 14 2013, 0 Comments

Under the Affordable Healthcare Act insurance companies now must cover the rental/sale of breast pumps to all new mothers. Here is how to claim yours. Insurance Companies Because all insurance companies are not the same, we looked at a few to see what the requirement was for obtaining a breast pump. Here is what was posted: Aetna "If your plan covers in network women’s preventive services at no cost share, you can get a breast pump from the suppliers below at no out-of-pock [...]
Stella & Dot
I Need To Give Away This Stella & Dot Certificate Immediately!!!
January 10 2013, 2 Comments

My lovely friend Sari sells Stella & Dot. You know, that fabulous jewelry party that everyone is having. Last night she says, "Hi! I have an extra $25 Dot Dollar promo code that can be used on a $50 purchase. Do you want to give one away on Belly Button Boutique?". Um, YEA! So to make it fair, check out the site and tell me what you would buy in the comment section below. That's it! I will use "And The Winner Is" Plug in to randomly select a winner at 3:00 PM EST today. Purchase mus [...]
au bureau_0020
How To Start Setting Up Your Future
January 09 2013, 13 Comments

As a mother, wife, woman, person, thinking human being, I am constantly aware of finances. One thing that is for sure, there is never enough money. Thankfully my parents taught me about investing at a young age. Now I didn't listen until I was older, but I DID have the knowledge. In the last week, Facebook was flooded with a 52 Week Money Challenge where the participants would save money each week and, and the end of 52 weeks have $1378. Seriously? You work 40+ hours a week and get excited [...]
January 07 2013, 10 Comments

Last month I went to Boston for a getaway. Sometimes you need to just take a time out from parenthood and do that. When I mentioned my trip to friends they all asked, "Boston?!?!? Why there?". Here is why... 10 Reasons to Visit Boston 10. It's clean - I have traveled to many cities and countries and Boston is one of the cleanest that I have been to. 9. The Revere Hotel - This place was an old Radisson and boy would you never know it. If you like champagne upon check in, amazingly c [...]
Philadelphia Date Night Giveaway
December 24 2012, 3 Comments

I am doing a quick giveaway for Christmas. I have a pair of tickets to see Jekyll and Hyde at the Forrest Theatre staring multi-platinum recording artist and Grammy nominee Deborah Cox, along with American Idol star and Tony Award® nominee Constantine Maroulis for THIS THURSDAY. In order to win, just let me know what was the first Broadway-esque show that you ever experienced. Post the answer below. I will select a winner on Tuesday, 12/25 at noon, EST. You can post up until then. [...]
Tribute To Shady Hook Elementary School
December 18 2012, 0 Comments

Diastasis Rehab
Julie Tupler, Founder of Diastasis Rehab®
November 21 2012, 0 Comments

This article was written by Julie Tupler, founder of Diastasis Rehab® . Here is her amazing story about how she developed a system that has helped literally thousands of women close their diastasis. "I started working with pregnant women by accident in 1989. I was a certified fitness instructor at a New York Health Club and the owners said, “You’re a Nurse and a Fitness instructor….. create a prenatal exercise class!” I was thrilled at the opportunity, but at the same time did [...]
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